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The Components of a Strong DTC Site For Your CPG BrandThe Components of a Strong DTC Site For Your CPG Brand

Like most things, simple is better. We’re going to outline the handful of things that should be a focus in the early days.

Pre-Launch Retail Market Research: A ChecklistPre-Launch Retail Market Research: A Checklist

Just because you can't afford to purchase data doesn't mean you should fly blind. Here's how to figure where your product fits into the broader almost no cost.

10 Elements Your CPG Pitch Deck Needs 10 Elements Your CPG Pitch Deck Needs

Typically, fundraising is a long, arduous process, and we've seen it made worse by a weak presentation. Let's focus on the 10 elements your pitch deck needs for investors to take you seriously.

7 Ecommerce Apps The Best CPG Brands Use7 Ecommerce Apps The Best CPG Brands Use

The world of third party apps is dizzying. There are thousands and so many of them are great. To make things easier on you, we’ve highlighted 7 that we love and the top CPG companies are using.

Deductions 101Deductions 101

Deductions are typically the main point of contention between brands and their distributors. Let's outline the key things you need to be thinking about.

How to Get Paid For Your R&DHow to Get Paid For Your R&D

Every brand is doing R&D. However, most don’t realize that they can actually get paid for it. Let's talk about how.

How To Nail Your CPG Marketing in 2021 How To Nail Your CPG Marketing in 2021

Each January brings fresh marketing perspectives. Shauna Armitage talks about what you need to be doing in 2021.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Designing CPG PackagingQuestions To Ask Yourself When Designing CPG Packaging

Designing food and beverage packaging is definitely an art. However, there are some things that are critical to think through prior to engaging a creative resource.

CPG Sales Strategy: More Stores ≠ BetterCPG Sales Strategy: More Stores ≠ Better

Most brands operate under the assumption that more stores = better but that’s not always the case. Let's talk about why.

CPG Research & Development 101CPG Research & Development 101

Many brands think Research & Development is an elusive process, reserved for scientists running around in lab coats. Spoiler alert: it's not.

Breaking Down Beverage Production With Matt MatrosBreaking Down Beverage Production With Matt Matros

So, you’ve got an awesome idea for a beverage. You’ve made a few test batches at home, your friends think it’s amazing, and now you’re ready to scale it up. Let’s talk about what’s next.

Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) 101Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) 101

Your site is up and running. Orders are flowing in … but wait a second — now you have to ship it. Lots of it. Over and over again. Let's talk about 3PLs.

Digital Freight Networks Are Your FriendDigital Freight Networks Are Your Friend

Traditional shipping methods rely on highly manual processes and fragmented supply. Digital freight marketplaces use tech to create efficiencies which means lower costs for you.

Customer Persona OutlineCustomer Persona Outline

We'd argue that identifying your customer is THE most important part of starting a brand yet most founders don't do it. Why?

How To Leverage Data As A Young, Scrappy BrandHow To Leverage Data As A Young, Scrappy Brand

The largest, most successful brands all use data to make better decisions. As a small brand, you may think data is a luxury. We couldn’t disagree more.

The Ultimate Content Checklist For New BrandsThe Ultimate Content Checklist For New Brands

As a young brand, while you definitely need to invest in your product, you can’t forget creative, engaging content.

The Various CPG Fundraising Options Explained and ComparedThe Various CPG Fundraising Options Explained and Compared

While brands/founders are often enamored by raising venture capital, there are lots of other options. Let's talk about them.

Growing a Brand on $1k per MonthGrowing a Brand on $1k per Month

$1,000 per month is a small marketing budget—but it’s probably on the high end of what most young CPG brands have to invest into their growth. Here's how you make it work.

2020 Outlook on Consumer Brand Marketing2020 Outlook on Consumer Brand Marketing

Your customers want to know you. And they know when you’re faking it. It's all about telling an authentic story.

In-Store Promotions ExplainedIn-Store Promotions Explained

In-store promotions are a necessary piece of the marketing puzzle for CPG brands. However, understanding the different ways they get charged creates a lot of confusion.

Raising Money on the RealRaising Money on the Real

In a world where more capital is flowing into the CPG space than ever before, why does it still seem so damn hard to raise money?

The Mythical Founder ParadigmThe Mythical Founder Paradigm

“Founders” have been unfairly positioned as mythical stewards of magical value creation, and the result is that many feel that they must bear that burden from origin to exit.

It's Time For a Data RevolutionIt's Time For a Data Revolution

We find ourselves in a time of extreme data polarization unlike any time in history — a time when only the largest CPG brands have access to the data that enables them to understand their consumer.