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Growing a Brand on $1k per MonthGrowing a Brand on $1k per Month

$1,000 per month is a small marketing budget—but it’s probably on the high end of what most young CPG brands have to invest into their growth. Here's how you make it work.

Guest Post: Shauna Armitage
2020 Outlook on Consumer Brand Marketing2020 Outlook on Consumer Brand Marketing

Your customers want to know you. And they know when you’re faking it. It's all about telling an authentic story.

Guest Post: The Parsnip Team
In-Store Promotions ExplainedIn-Store Promotions Explained

In-store promotions are a necessary piece of the marketing puzzle for CPG brands. However, understanding the different ways they get charged creates a lot of confusion.

James Mannering
Raising Money on the RealRaising Money on the Real

In a world where more capital is flowing into the CPG space than ever before, why does it still seem so damn hard to raise money?

Zach DeAngelo
The Mythical Founder ParadigmThe Mythical Founder Paradigm

“Founders” have been unfairly positioned as mythical stewards of magical value creation, and the result is that many feel that they must bear that burden from origin to exit.

Zach DeAngelo
It's Time For a Data RevolutionIt's Time For a Data Revolution

We find ourselves in a time of extreme data polarization unlike any time in history — a time when only the largest CPG brands have access to the data that enables them to understand their consumer.

Zach DeAngelo