The "stack": 46 software + service providers the best brands are using to win (plus deals with most of them)

The RodeoCPG Team

Starting a modern consumer food & beverage brand takes a village. Fortunately, we're here to help.

Being across the launch + operations of 100+ brands has allowed to get a strong understanding of the software and services the best companies are using.

Below we've outlined our favorites.

The best part? 

We've got a partnership in place with most of them so you get a better deal.

Click "request an intro" to anyone who might be helpful and we'll hook it up.


Business Strategy & Market Research

Provisor Marketing 

Description: Provisor Marketing supports all phases of brand development for CPG brands. Knowing that the “C” in CPG stands for Consumer, they always start there. They gather fast, affordable and meaningful consumer insights for your brand and then provide specific, actionable strategies and tactics to drive brand growth.

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Description: Supermercato helps clients understand what’s new and next in consumer goods.Activities include market research, ecosystem strategy, and consumer insights. 

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Brand Design


Description: Grayfield is a branding and graphic design studio located in Boston, MA specializing in the creation of unique and enduring brand identities, packaging design, and content creation for new, emerging startups. Additional capabilities include: Shopify site builds, digital design, swag, collateral, and retail design.

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St. Urbain

Description: Saint Urbain is an award-winning branding and design agency based in New York and Los Angeles. They create unique voices that tell amazing stories and specialize in: naming, brand identity, packaging design, digital design, merch/collateral and social media management.

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Product Development

RodeoCPG Product Development

Description: Our team of culinary experts, food scientists, and manufacturing specialists will bring your idea from concept through commercialization, by formulating your product and setting you up with the right partners for manufacturing at scale.

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Finance & Fundraising 


Description: Ampla provides tech-enabled financial solutions to help CPG businesses grow and scale. Ampla solves your cash flow problem and accelerates growth. Their platform provides accessible capital to build your business. 

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Description: Braavo Bank has been providing affordable and flexible working capital to thousands of growing businesses for over 40 years. Braavo is the best of both worlds - the reliability, trust,  and cost benefit of a bank coupled with the speed and ease-of-use of a technology company.

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Description: The SMBX is a financial marketplace that connects small business owners with everyday investors. By issuing a Small Business Bond™, businesses can borrow money from existing customers at competitive rates, raising the funds needed to expand their business while increasing customer loyalty and providing a return to investors with interest. 

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Star Funding

Description: Star Funding provides purchase order finance and factoring services to small and medium sized businesses. Companies come to Star when they are in need of capital to grow their businesses.

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Description: Fund millions in inventory at costs up to 30% lower than other options. Kickfurther funds are available when you need to pay your suppliers, and you don’t need a purchase order or accounts receivable to access funding.

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Description: Like "Kickstarter for investing". Your friends, customers, supporters, and local community can invest in your company - with only one entry on your cap table.

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Description: Outsourced accounting for modern brands. They manage your books so you can manage your business.

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Description: FinOptimal offers on demand, real-time accounting and controller support super-sized by technology. How? Their tech stitches together clients' financial, operations, and sales & marketing software to create an integrated, unified operating system for their business 

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Retail Sales Strategy & Support

RodeoCPG Sales Management

Description: Our sales strategists have a deep knowledge of the food and beverage retail landscape and will work with your team to create and execute a sales plan that is unique to your business goals.

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Dirty Hands

Description: Dirty Hands is a family owned and operated merchandising company that helps with retail execution, sales support, and data/reporting for natural brands. 

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Front Page Retail

Description: FPR delivers merchandising and in-store demos for emerging CPG brands. 

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Umai Marketing

Description: UMAI Marketing gives consumer goods founders and marketers the digital tools and support to grow better brands. Brands they’ve helped grow: Serenity Kids, Natural Stacks, Mother-In-Law's Kimchi, Purely Pecans, CANTEEN Spirits, Puffworks, Wondercide, Waterloo Gin

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Space Pilot

Description: Space Pilot is a full-service digital agency helping natural food and beverage brands scale online. They create custom strategies for their partners leveraging a mix of content creation, social media, influencer marketing, email & sms, digital shopper marketing, and website development.

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Description Holistic digital and traditional marketing, technology development, and business strategy designed for meaningful and sustainable growth.

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Team & Recruiting


Description: Intelligence-driven talent acquisition. Connecting you to candidates you'll love with an AI matching platform that finds top talent faster. They are the bridgefor US-based companies & LATAM employees.

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Planet FWD

Description: Planet FWD is the leading carbon assessment platform for consumer brands. Leveraging the largest life cycle assessment database for agricultural products and advanced value chain modeling capabilities, they simplify carbon footprint assessment and improvement for your company or products.

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Description: Shipup is a SaaS platform on a mission to transform post-purchase experience in e-commerce. They track package deliveries in real time to create a transparent and branded delivery experience.

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Description: ShipBob is a global logistics platform that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. Their mission is to make you more successful online by providing best-in-class fulfillment so your customers get the fast and affordable shipping they expect.

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Description: Unishippers is a one stop shop for freight booking platform that simplifies the workflow of booking UPS and freight for your business. Unishippers offers instant LTL, FTL, and UPS quotes through their network of 65+ carriers

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Rodeo Ops Management

Description: Need help manufacturing, sourcing raw ingredients, or with logistics? Our team has seen it all and can put the right operations infrastructure in place.

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Nice Commerce

Description: Use Nice Commerce to offer quicker shipping, boost your bottom lines, and get back to focusing on the stuff that really matters.

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Description: Arka provides sustainable branded and unbranded packaging for ecommerce businesses with short lead times.

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Description: Lumi makes tools that simplify the complex workflows, data, and language of packaging, so that brands and manufacturers can work better together. Use their end-to-end platform to set up and manage your packaging supply chain instantly.

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Description: ShelfLife is the B2B marketplace for wholesale and bulk ingredients. We bring leading food brands and trusted suppliers together, creating a more transparent and more flexible sourcing solution.

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Startup CPG 

Description: Startup CPG is the national network for emerging brands working toward a better food system. They are a team of passionate people who love to build products that make our bodies happy and our world healthy.

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Indie CPG

Description: They support  sustainable brands in every aisle at a supermarket and big box store through resources, sales and partner opportunities, video chats with mentors, and intros to each other and our ecosystem partners.

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Description: The Consumer Packaged Goods Directory curates resources and content for brand-builders. They have a network of industry experts to help us find the fastest growing emerging consumer brands. 

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Yotpo - Social proof + marketing

Description: Yotpo helps thousands of brands accelerate direct-to-consumer growth through a single-platform for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more. 

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Pitchable - Indie retailer sales 

Description: For consumer brands who are looking to grow their sales in the independent retailer channel, Pitchable automates lead generation by delivering interested retailers right into the brand’s email inbox instead of waiting on a broker’s monthly report or for a retailer to find them on a match-making wholesale platform.

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Gorgias - Customer support

Description: Gorgias is an ecommerce helpdesk that aggregates all your support channels in one place including email, chat, phone, sms, Instagram and Facebook (comments and DMS!). They were built on machine learning and AI to help customer care teams reduce repetitive inquiries and response time while still remaining personalized.

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Eco-cart - Sustainability

Description: EcoCart is an e-commerce plugin that encourages checkout by allowing customers to shop carbon neutral online. With one click at checkout, your shoppers can fund certified carbon offset projects (like planting trees or building wind farms) based on the exact carbon footprint of their order.

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Recharge - Subscriptions

Description: Recharge is the leading subscription payments solution, helping eCommerce merchants of all sizes launch and scale subscription offerings. Recharge powers subscriptions for more than 15,000 merchants serving 45 million subscribers.

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Repeat - Replenishment

Description: Repeat is a SaaS platform that enables CPG brands to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers. Their Smart Replenishment software learns the unique consumption habits of every consumer opted into the service, then leverages this rich data set to drive repeat sales for CPG brands through a combination of automation, personalized reminders, and a cart purpose-built for replenishment. 

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Brij - QR codes

Description: Brij is powering one-touch 1st party data capture, reorder, and subscription opt-in with the simple scan of a QR code.

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Crisp - Data visualization

Description: Crisp uses the power of the cloud to connect and analyze all of your data sources in real-time, providing you with the most meaningful insights and trends for your business. When you know exactly what’s in store, you can keep shelves stocked and customers happy while skyrocketing profitability

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Cin 7 - Inventory management

Description: Inventory and order management software tailored to how you sell! Get products to more customers, more efficiently, through more sales channels—faster than ever before.

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Klaviyo - Email Marketing

Description: Klaviyo is the leading eCommerce marketing platform. Over 265,000 stores around the world use Klaviyo to send personalized emails, SMS messages, signup forms, and more..

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AdAdapted - Retail marketing

Description: AdAdapted is the only solution that empowers brands of any size to engage verified shoppers while they plan and shop. Drive both awareness and purchase intent in one solution, putting your brand or store directly onto the consumer's shopping lists and into their eCommerce cart. 

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Ramp - Corporate cards 

Description: The only corporate card and spend management platform designed to help you spend less.

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Visible - Investor management

Description: Your investor relationship hub. Used by over 3,000 founders to update investors, raise capital, and track metrics - all from a single platform.

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Carta - Cap table, valuation, and equity management

Description: Equity. Simplified. Streamline your equity management so you can focus on growing your business. Get real-time updates on your cap table, audit ready 409A valuations, and conduct liquidity events for your shareholders.

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