Nearby To National: A Miniseries With Indie CPG

The Rodeo + Indie CPG teams

In talking with a lot of emerging brands, we found that many were having challenges with the transition from “regional” to “national” retail expansion. 

After looking around for a while, we found very little content out there that addressed this, often, tricky transition.

So, we worked with Indie CPG to create a miniseries that addresses many of the most common pain points.

Intro - Why We Made This Series

Episode 1 - Using Customer Insights To Guide Expansion With Kevin Joseph

Episode 2 - Using Data To Tell a Strong Story With Cameron McCarthy

Episode 3 - How to Set Up Ops For Expansion With Jess Caven

Episode 4 - Understanding Expansion Costs With Willa Townsend

Need Insights To Fuel Your Expansion?

Amrit Richmond is the Cofounder of Indie CPG and runs a market-research/insights practice called Supermercato.

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