How To Leverage Data As A Young, Scrappy Brand

How To Leverage Data As A Young, Scrappy Brand

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The largest, most successful brands all use data to make better decisions. As a small brand, you may think data is a luxury. We couldn’t disagree more. Knowing which products are selling best and where, helps guide your production, which helps guide your sourcing, which helps maximize cash and minimize costs. So, if you’re just starting out, creating a good process for collecting, synthesizing, and acting on data is critical. 

If you’re selling online via your own site, Amazon, and also into UNFI, that’s three sources right there. Point being...

You’re likely capturing more data than you think.

In this article, we’ll outline the data landscape, provide some key performance indicators you can derive, and some ways to act on those indicators. 

cpg data options explained

What Does This Data Tell Me? 

As a small brand, syndicated data is probably out of the cards, given it’s price. Let’s further explore the example laid out above. 

You’re active on social media and sell on your own website, Amazon, and Whole Foods via UNFI.  Below are just some of the key performance indicators you can derive, many for little to no investment.  

Retailer Direct Store Data

From the Whole Foods Portal, you could arrive at: 

Ecommerce Data

From your ecommerce page + Amazon Seller central, you could arrive at: 

Distributor Data

From UNFI’s SCCV portal, you could arrive at: 

Marketing/Demand Data

That’s more data than I thought. What should I do with it? 

With your retailer + distributor data, you should... 

With your online + demand  data you could…

Key Takeaway

You don't need a lot of data to get a lot of value. As a young brand, it's critical to be thoughtful about the data that's at your disposal and ensure that it's guiding your company strategy/decision-making process.

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