Yai's Thai

Steady-State Operations


Yai's is a high-growth CPG company focused on healthy, flavorful, Thai-inspired products. As a brand with national distribution that sells in thousands of stores, they needed full-service operations help.

Yai's Thai Hash With Chili Garlic Hot Sauce


Rodeo successfully on-boarded Yai's entire operations and supply chain in just four weeks. Key activities include(d): 

Sales Order Management

Extracted historical sales information and input data into our PO Tracker for reporting and future inventory planning.

3PL Management

Built in sales order entry automation, without the costs of EDI, which allowed for efficient and accurate order entries.

Co-Packer Management

Participate in weekly calls with their co-packer to discuss open production purchase orders alongside our rolling forecasts to ensure optimal inventory levels.

Additional Stakeholder Management

Established operational month end close tasks with accounting partner for accurate inventory reporting across multiple warehouse locations.

Yai's Thai Chicken Stir Fry With Almond Sauce

Key Results

  • Automated sales order entry, without EDI, saving $20k+.
  • Transitioned co-packer from a toll rate to a turn-key model which decreased the average value of ingredients and packaging by 88%.
"The Rodeo team has been outstanding from the start. Their experience allowed them to take over day-day operations quickly and effectively. The've improved processes and effectively managed everything from inventory to the co-man and distributor networks. I'd highly recommend them to fulfill any operational needs for emerging brands." -Leland Copenhagen, Founder CEO

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