Product Development


Omsom was looking to launch unapologetically, bold Asian meal starters. They needed a partner that could manage product development while supporting their unwavering commitment to authentic flavors.

To quote Omsom:

"We reject common shortcuts and substitutes in mass market R&D by regularly sampling from 15+ suppliers for a single ingredient, importing ingredients from Asia..."


Rodeo quickly got to work on the following key activities: 

Product Development

Generated multiple iterations of bench samples for complex recipes until they were fine tuned to perfection


Leveraged their existing chef-inspired recipes and elevated them into finished formulations while staying true to their original vision

Balanced cooking temperature, acidity, salt, to devise a process that yielded great taste and shelf stability

Ingredient Sourcing

Assisted with sourcing authentic ingredients to preserve bright, bold flavors

Co-Packer Search + Negotiation

Conducted a national contract manufacturer search and performed COGS analysis and contract review with final candidates

Key Results

  • Rave reviews on taste. Our favorite, from Epicurious: these sauces “actually have the zing and complexity of the cuisines they represent”.
  • Updated manufacturing process to reduce production time by 65% while maintaining original concept and flavor
  • Found alternate sourcing streams to save 35% on individual ingredients
"Rodeo was instrumental in bringing our products to life. We worked closely with them to commercialize our kitchen recipes, while ensuring our final products were safe, restaurant quality, and made with cultural integrity. We had a very high bar, and Rodeo was able to get creative and resourceful in our R&D process to meet it." -Vanessa Pham, Co-founder & CEO

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