Rodeo Growth

To offer our clients a fully outsourced S&OP solution, Rodeo has developed a strategic selling and sales reporting offering. We believe that the best pathway to success for early stage brands is a sound sales strategy with a focus on velocity. While this is different for every brand, we support growth in alternative channel, traditional retail, and DTC environments.


Core Services

  • Strategic Topline Revenue Growth

  • Distributor Set-up and Management

  • Detailed Bottoms Up Forecast and Sales Plan

  • Sales Reporting

  • Monthly Analysis to Review Forecast vs. Plan

  • Distributor Deduction Analysis, Reconciliation, and Dispute

  • Promotional Planning and Implementation

  • ROI Analysis by Account

  • Hiring/Managing Merchandising and Broker Partners

  • Implementation of “Special Projects” ie shippers, IRC Programs, Coupons, Off Shelf

  • Strategic Guidance: UPC Changes, new item launches, pricing, distribution etc.