We've partnered with Sherpa CPG to build the most comprehensive, FREE co-packer database ever created (maybe...we think).

It’s got 1.6k+ companies and includes everything from supplements to health and beauty to bars. Fill out your info below and we'll send it right over.


Rodeo is an action-based ecosystem designed to help innovative brands navigate the complexities of growth. Fueled by a team of CPG founders and veterans with 100+ years of experience in the industry, we’re all too familiar with the daily fire drills. We’ve taken our collective knowledge and used it to build data-driven tools that optimize your operations, supply chain, and distributor/retail management. We want to put you in a position to thrive through crisis and focus on achieving long term, sustainable success. 

Sherpa CPG

Say hello to your personal innovation development department. Sherpa CPG partners exclusively with food and beverage brands to translate creative visions into commercially viable, crave-worthy things. From fine-tuning your flavor portfolio to managing your pilot run with a new co-packer, we're here to streamline scalability on the savage path to market. And most importantly, we give you the freedom to refocus your awesome self on that juicy Big Picture vision, sales, and (woo!) more sales

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