The Ultimate Content Checklist For New Brands

The Ultimate Content Checklist For New Brands

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As a young, developing brand, you’re always considering the best place to spend your money in order to grow. While you definitely need to invest in your product, you can’t forget creative, engaging content. 

In our current digital age, visuals, videos, and graphics are critical to grabbing attention online. Now, more than ever, the majority of purchase decisions are made via the Internet. The brands with professional, creative imagery rise above the competition.

This post will outline the 5 essential pieces of creative content that will help grow your brand’s visibility. 

How Much Does Content Cost?

Before we jump into the types of content, let’s cover the most asked question.

Sorry for the wishy-washy answer, but it depends. Things like the person you hire, the length of the shoot, and the amount of deliverables you want, all impact price.

To help you get a better idea, take a look at the cost of an average shoot here. 

What are the 5 Essential Pieces of Content? 


High quality imagery is incredibly important in various aspects of your brand’s advertising and marketing strategy. In order to gain attention and interest, you’ll want to think outside the box and be creative. 

Photography can be used for your website, social media, emails, newsletters, and any type of advertising.

Luckily, a skilled, professional photographer can handle all of the planning and conceptualization for you. You can either develop a creative brief/mood board or let them put together their own idea for your products. 

Check out these 8 Tips To Develop a Successful Creative Brief.   

Now, onto the photographs every young brand needs...

Product Shots 

Recess product photo shoot
Click the photo for the full case study.

Goldfish product photo shoot
Click the photo for a full case study.

Lifestyle Shots 

Pictures of your product in action. They’ll require a subject or model to create. 

Rise photo shoot
Click the photo for a full case study.

Founder Headshots 

Headshots can be integrated into your brand’s website under an “About Us” section as well as across marketing materials, email signatures, and any channels where the founders are professionally promoting their business. 

Stock Imagery 

This type of imagery may not have your product in it, but it relates back to the mission, mood, and overall theme of your company. These can be great filler images for social media. For example, if you’re a company that sells products made in Washington State, you could add local nature visuals to form a well-rounded image for your brand
Click the photo for a full case study.

Engaging Advertising Videos

Once you have the photography images set, you’ll want to work with a videographer who can create a captivating advertisement to utilize on your website, social profiles, Youtube, and through paid channels. 

The advertising video should convey the core message of your company, highlight your products in a creative way, and build brand identity. 

Similar to a photographer, a videographer is capable of creating your video advertising from start to finish. They can create a storyboard to help you visualize how the video will look once it’s finished and give you a preview of the final product. 

Click the photo to see The H Hub's video work.

Short Videos For Social Media 

While a longer advertising video is great to showcase your full brand message, you should also create quick videos for social media.  

There’s no denying that Tik Tok is taking over the social media scene. And with the platform growing every single day, it’s obvious that it’s the place to be in 2020. 

Now, don’t worry - you’re not going to have to dance to promote your brand. 

Instead you should focus on creating on-brand videos with your product - just in a more condensed and engaging format. 

The best way to level up and produce quality content on Tik Tok would be to partner with users who are active on the platform. Some examples include photographers, videographers, or just general content creators. 

You can and should also make your own videos, but hiring a creator to promote your product can quickly expand your reach to a brand new audience.  


Although these graphics have been around for years, they are gaining new popularity on social media feeds and brand websites. 

You can use GIFS for another moving element on your Instagram feed, within your stories, and even on your product pages. Adding a GIF to your e-commerce store is a dynamic way to showcase the functionality of your product. 

Many photographers and videographers are skilled in GIF creation and can easily create these graphics from the photographs or videos they took for your product. 

Blog Posts

The final piece of content on our checklist is a bit different - as it focuses more on written content. 

As a growing brand, you need to have a blog integrated into your website. You may be wondering - but it’s 2020, isn’t blogging dead? 

While in many ways blogging has been replaced with vlogging - it’s still an incredibly viable platform to grow a new audience and educate existing followers about your niche. 

You can use a blog to strengthen brand identity, share news and updates, write customer testimonials and stories about topics that relate to your product or service. 

All the visual content you created should lead the way and can be added to anything written.

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