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A video game that outlines how to go from CPG idea to execution. 🎮

It's the first module in Jumpstart - a digital course focused on launching CPG products.

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🚀 Bring your CPG dreams to life with our Product Launch Program (coming summer 2021). 🚀

🎮 Get started today with Super Rodeo World. A free game that outlines how to go from CPG idea to execution. 🎮

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Jumpstart by Rodeo CPG

🌟 Includes Lessons From CPG All Stars 🌟

Alison Cayne

Founder, Haven's Kitchen

Samantha Abrams & Ian Gaffney

Cofounders, Emmy's Organics

Elizabeth Stein

Founder, Purely Elizabeth

Matt Clifford

Cofounder, Banana + CanDo Foods

Brian Bardos

Cofounder, Real Coco

Vanessa Pham

Cofounder, Omsom

🚀 Bring your CPG dreams to life. 🚀
Coming Summer 2021

Jumpstart is a digital course that's designed to help great ideas make it to market.

Key concepts covered will include product market fit, commercialization, retail sales, manufacturing, supply chain, fundraising, distribution, logistics, and much more.

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