Nuts N' More

Sales Strategy and Growth

Founded by a fitness enthusiast looking to satisfy a sweet tooth...

Nuts n’ More creates protein-packed nut butter that tastes amazing and is a potent treat to fuel an active lifestyle.

For several years, the brand exclusively sold to a very fitness-focused audience. With a desire to bring their products to more health enthusiasts who love food, Nuts n’ More wrote an email to Shark Tank and appeared on the show in 2013 where they successfully raised money from investors Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec. This helped them expand quickly and successfully.  Over time, they’ve become one of the show’s biggest success stories.

Sensing yet another major opportunity, Nuts n’ More approached Rodeo looking to expand their grocery distribution footprint and focus on a broader customer base.

Rodeo began by adding 1,500 high quality doors and onboarded Nuts N’ More with the 2 key distribution partners, KeHE and UNFI. Placement in retailers like Wegmans, Publix, and Whole Foods contributed to significant sales growth in the first year of the engagement. In addition, Rodeo drew on its deep experience managing trade/promotional spend to put together custom plans. Ensuring that the new accounts were activated effectively and avoiding slotting fees altogether

Current Relationship

Today, Rodeo serves as a strategic retail partner for the Nuts n’ More brand. Working with the founder and internal team, Rodeo interfaces with distributors and retailers to ensure that growth in this channel is successful, profitable, and scalable. Rodeo is tasked with identifying key opportunities to broaden brand awareness and increase volume as a whole. Leveraging, Rodeo Vision tools like the performance dashboard, category review planner, and heatmap, we offer Nuts n’ More a competitive edge in addressing any issues before they occur. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Nuts 'N More team, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to the common goal of bringing their products to the masses.

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