Rodeo Vision

Rodeo Vision

We provide new brands with the tools they need to see the opaque CPG landscape more clearly.

It's born out of our team’s collective experience starting brands and working at sales management agencies and retailers. Frustrated by the lack of clarity in the process, we have designed a business intelligence and services platform to help our clients navigate the murky waters. Fueled by a proprietary data & analytics platform, Rodeo Vision empowers brands with the information they need to succeed on shelf.

Number of doors is one thing, velocity is everything.

Our Toolkit

Purchase Order Tracker

See a detailed record of historical sales that will unlock numerous insights, from % of cases purchased on deal to average shipping cost per case. This tool will allow you to see your business with greater clarity.

Opportunity Closer

Find incremental revenue that's lost to retail execution failure and missed opportunities. Guide your sales managers, brokers, and merchandisers to bring in new revenue and fix issues before they impact the business.

Distributor Inventory Manager

Head off any over-purchase of goods by your distributor and reduce spoilage charges by better managing inventory after it leaves your warehouse.

Promotional Estimator

Know what to expect from deductions for promotional activity so you can plan for tight months and dispute errors that are all too common.

Category Review Planner

Plan out your sales management calendar, manage your sales resources more effectively, and stop missing or playing catch up on crucial reviews.

Month-Over-Month Heatmap

Understand the impact of seasonality, promotions, and other mitigating factors on your business.

Performance Dashboard

Monitor performance, track success of certain sales campaigns, and analyze velocity at distributor & retailer levels (as available).

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