Sales Growth

Sales Growth

It's born out of our team’s collective experience starting brands and working at sales management agencies and retailers. Frustrated by the lack of clarity in the process, we have designed a business intelligence and services platform to help our clients navigate the murky waters.

Number of doors is one thing, velocity is everything.

Sales Strategy

  • Pricing analysis 
  • Addressable market identification
  • Current account assessment 
  • Sales growth planning
  • Sales infrastructure needs assessment

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Additional Solutions

Independent Retail Sales

  • Rodeo-directed sales outreach to our vast database of independent retailers
  • Monthly strategy sessions and results dashboard
  • A modern approach at a fraction of the cost of brokers

Direct to Consumer Management

  • Drive strategy for promotional planning,content, and email marketing
  • Analyze sales/marketing data to inform strategy
  • Implement a suite of sales/reporting tools to augment data reports
  • Define KPIs and measure efficacy of strategy
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