Product Development

Product Development

We bring the rare combination of deep culinary knowledge and decades of manufacturing expertise to help our clients grow through product design excellence. Our team of culinary experts, food science experts, and manufacturing specialists work to fully understand your vision, and then provide the tools to bring that vision to beautiful, profitable, and fully scalable fruition.

Because Rodeo CPG offers expertise across all CPG functions, our R & D team doesn’t design products in a vacuum but in the context of the holistic growth of your company.

New Category Expansion

Build on the success of your brand by extending into new categories. Use the Rodeo data insights and the culinary and manufacturing expertise of our teams to develop new category launches that are feasible, scalable, on brand, profitable and well designed.


Reinvigorate flagging products or make your hero SKUs even better. Our expert formulators can tighten up existing formulas for scalability, deliciousness, efficiency and cost. Often the first version of a formulation is just the stepping stone to greatness, and our team can help translate your early learnings into concrete adjustments to your product design that translate into more consumer happiness and a better bottom line.

Line Extensions

Leverage the Rodeo culinary and new product development teams’ expertise to push beyond the ordinary offerings and develop line extensions that compel additional purchase from your most dedicated consumers. Our expert formulators build supporting flavors and those that can build on your existing line, and sometimes even push into the number one spot to become your customers’ new favorite.

New Product Launch

All things are possible through good design! Getting a brand new product into the marketplace can be an anxious affair, and when scaling, you’ll run into a lot of people who tell you what you want to produce is not possible. Everything is possible! The Rodeo R & D team is expert at pushing past expectations to make excellent product that conforms to your vision without making concessions due to a lack of imagination. 

Scale Up and Commercialization

Once you have some traction in the market, pushing your production volumes to the next level can feel like an uphill climb. In concert with our operations and sales management teams, our R & D specialists can help adjust your product design and formulation to make your next leap in production as seamless and painless as possible. 

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